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Our Photo Gallery!
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A picture of me with Essie...

She was a remarkable dog who was healthy all her life! She lived a full and wonderful life
and gave us so much love and joy! She recently passed at 17.5 years!

(Sept.6, 2001 - Feb.6, 2019)


Our Bluey
Downsbank Mr. Blue Sky of Chiswick
Eddie in bike basket
Our sweet and beautiful Bluey.
Terry traveled back to his homeland England and brought back the most wonderful Cavalier who gave us so much joy and many generations of Cavaliers.
16 years of happiness!
7/6/2002 - 7/18/2018
Eddie is waiting for his ride in my bike basket!
He is 6th generation from Bluey and Essie
Terry & Friends! Grandma Lucy...
Terry with Eddie and Etta! Grandma Lucy our puppy lover helping
Mom with puppy duty!
Lucy encore! Blenheim
Lucy at 14 years young...
 lives to be with all the new pups!...
Blenheim brother and sister born Nov 24, 2016
Can you guess what comes next? They wait for their food...
Meal preparations are under way.... Terry feeding the kids!
Come and get it! This one is a sofa full of Cavaliers!
Dinner is served. Nowhere to sit!

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